The 7-10 Club helps me with a good breakfast and a bag lunch to start off my day. I enjoy meeting the people who use the Club


The Club has helped me initially by keeping me supplied with food and more importantly socially connected, isolation is the condition that causes emotional and addiction concerns and problems. Now as an employee, it supplies me with the abilities to lead a more “normal” life with more reasonable assets. I hope it continues in some form to help the less fortunate of Nanaimo.


When I was locked out of my life due to development of post traumatic stress disorder, the place (7-10 Club) was a “God Send”. Through the other clients & with help of Isabella Ganier I was helped & supported. The out reach program helped me & with her ability to get results I had help when there was no support or help at any other place but here. Thank you.


Provided me with food and coffee on my way to work


It’s a good place to meet people have something to eat, warm up on cold mornings


Food and lunch program, meeting people. Helped because of low income, I am not able to buy all the groceries I need to make it through the month.


7-10 Club has helped me a lot, I do not have regular work and sometimes suffer with life’s difficulties. The 7-10 Club gives me support for the day and hope that with God’s help all will be OK. I would like to say thank you to all the volunteers and employees for the help.


There are good people early in the morning, good staff and I like the coffee. All in all this organization serves this community in a very valuable way. Thank you


The meal program has relieved a large burden in my and my family’s lives. Thank you


The service at the 7-10 Club is great. They treat you like a person and they have a caring heart. The 7-10 Club Volunteers are all caring people to their clients.


Being of low income the soup and coffee in the morning gets me through the lean times. We are served with dignity and I have met a lot of folks who have become friends. The sandwiches also help for later in the day.


It has helped me in the way of meeting new people & getting new contacts to move further ahead in life. I thank this wonderful place for being there. Thank you so much.


Provides a place for me to go to have breakfast & get a lunch also offers some company in an otherwise lonely existence


When you work in seasonal industries and the economy and weather play a major factor against you, you’re left with not enough hours to receive employment insurance benefits and end up on income assistance. With the high cost of rent, you are left with a very small amount for food and toiletries, the 7-10 Club provides me with a warm meal and a bag lunch so as I can eat.